"As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
Joshua 24: 15

Christlyn Lost her 1st Tooth

Losing a tooth is a rite of passage for all kids! One that Christlyn was sure would "NEVER" happen to her. While most of her friends began losing teeth in Pre-K and Kindergarten, Christlyn felt like the odd girl out because here she was 3/4 of the way through 1st grade and she still hadn't lost a single tooth. Then late last week she exclaimed in surprise and exictement from the backseat of the car..."Mommy, I have a loose tooth!" Once we were out of the car and I examined it we found there were actually two loose teeth and a big tooth already cut through behind her other teeth. Thrilled that she was finally going to lose a tooth, my typical drama queen didn't care about the discomfort her loose teeth caused and wiggled them every chance she got. Aunt Kathryn tried to pull it a couple of times yesterday but was unsuccessful. But today while the kids were out playing in the snow it decided it was time to come out. Christlyn was biting some snow and noticed her mouth was bleeding...she kept on biting down on the snow and a couple minutes later was in the house giggling and showing off the new hole in her smile! What a great way to lose a tooth...the snow numbed it so it didn't hurt her at all!!! She headed back out to let the snow work on the other loose one...I'll keep you posted if it pops out today too!!!

Spring Takes a Holiday - March 28th 2009

It's hard to believe that less than a week ago we were all in shorts and tank tops enjoying 80 degree weather and the kids were up to their waists wading in Grandpa's pond. Apparently Spring decided to take a short holiday and winter has swept back in with a vengence. I was woken up about 7:45 this morning to excited shrills from the kids..."It's snowing!" Within no time the evidence of spring were covered with a blanket of white and the kids were going out to play!

My Beautiful Children

Surgery - March 25th, 2009

I look at the pictures of my three beautiful babies and tear up...I'm overwhelmed by Gods blessings and his perfect timing. All three kids were uplanned and too close together for our liking. But God in His infinite wisdom and mercy gave them too me before this past year...before today! It was with bitter sweetness that I went in for surgery to have my ovaries removed this morning. Glad to be getting on with getting better...yet sad for what other picture I might have been able to add to my trio atop this email. But the Lord's peace prevailed today. He dried my tears and strengthened me. Surgery went well...and now I'm home recouping. I'm not in much pain from the surgery itself but, however they had my right arm positioned during surgery has seriously hurt it. It's still tight from my mastectomy and doesn't have full range of motion. I'm guessing that they had it positioned above my head because my shoulder and back are in considerable pain and having spasms. I've never really cared for taking drugs of any kind...my sister always laughs at me when I complain about having a headache for days and she'll ask what I took for it and I tell her the thought never crossed my mind to take anything. That's just me...grin and bear it. But I'm realizing that pain meds aren't the enemy and they're worth it! Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. The next surgery should be in a couple months and its a big one!

Happy Birthday Dorian and Daniel

Today we celebrated Dorian and Daniel's Birthdays. A little early, I know, but because of my surgery this week we decided to move up the celebration. After church we headed out to my Dad's acreage for a wonderful afternoon of good food...and loads of fun! Jennifer made the birthday cake...Mocha Velvet...everyone's favorite and she did an awesome job...I had more than I needed to!

We even had the obstacle course set up for the kids to play on. It was rented out yesterday but during the rental got rained on and got very dirty. So we decided to take it out to Dads to it could air out and we could vacuum it. Of course we also had to play on it!!!

Jennifer and I have been plotting and planning for the last year to get the guys paintball guns for their birthdays this year. Dorian's response when he opened it was..."are you serious? this is awesome".
Of course what fun are paintball guns if you can't play with them right away. Jen and I made sure that they were completely ready to go, straight out of the wrapping paper. And we made sure to bring the guys some camo. They played for hours in the back pasture. They had so much fun!
Of course Ethan had to try it out!!! Actually we all got a chance to shoot the guns. Dad even took a turn and I think he just put a paintball gun on his wish list!!!

Ethan relaxing on the hammock...being so cute is hard work! But he didn't rest too long before moving on to the next adventure...
The kids began throwing rocks in the pond while Daddy and Uncle Daniel worked on taking down the obstacle course. Jadon even joined in the fun. Soon the big kids were in the water up to their waists splashing and playing in the mud. They had so much fun...but I hope they don't expect that to be a regular occurance at Grandpa's.

March 22, 2007

While Nana and Papa are ice fishing in Canada...Christlyn and Ethan find their own outdoor water fun here in the states. By the end of the day they were in up to their waists. Thank goodness for Tide!!!

BINGO - March 13, 2009

Today the Berglinds aren't the most liked members at Communications Federal Credit Union. Every year our Credit Union holds a business meeting for its members to go over the previous years financials and the current years goals. We've attended every year since I worked there in 2002. And with 300 members in attendance and only 10 prizes we usually go more for the free refreshments and visiting with friends then for the prizes. But this year we hit our lucky streak.
About half way through the evening Christlyn was getting pretty disappointed that she hadn't won anything. After a pretty long discussion on playing for fun and not for prizes Christlyn turned her attititude around and with that her luck changed as well. She won that very game! Although her prize was a set of solar powered garden lights she was thrilled! She wasn't interested in playing the next game because she was to busy planning which flowerbed she would put her garden lights in. Her plans were interupted by her Daddy yelling..."BINGO". He won a 5 quart KitchenAide Mixer!!! We were all shocked to win two prizes but the best was yet to come. At the end of the evening we began playing the final game of bingo...BLACKOUT BINGO...for the evenings grand prize. A flatscreen TV. In the middle of the game I heard some ladies giggling and pointing at Ethan. I looked over at his card and he had only three spots left open...my card was barely half covered. He bounced in his seat announcing that he was going to win. With every number called he would repeat after the caller and then excitedly update everyone as to how many he had left. 'Only two more...Only one more'. Until finally the caller called "O64" and our jaws dropped as Ethan yelled..."I won a TV...BINGO"

I was slightly embarrased to win Three prizes and was afraid of being lynched in the parking lot, but everyone was so happy for us and came and congratulated the kids repeatedly. The kids could hardly contain their giggles and their excitement. Although Ethan was a little disapointed to learn that the TV wasn't going in his room. I think we may be banned from next years Bingo!

Upcoming Surgery

I scheduled my next procedure today. I'll be having outpatient surgery on March 25th to have my ovaries removed. I don't know why but this surgery is a little harder for me to handle then the mastectomy...and it's a much simler procedure. I guess the finality of it is difficult to handle. The fact that I'll never be able to have another baby. Not that we were planning on have a bigger family...I just liked having the option I guess. Please be praying for me as I prepare for the surgery. God has given me a peace that this is what I'm suppose to do...but it's still hard.