"As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
Joshua 24: 15

November 15th, 2008

These last few weeks have been amazing! I've recovered fully from surgery and the Chemo and it's affects are out of my system. For the first time in months I haven't been sick and I've had boundless energy. Needless to say I've been cleaning every nook and crany of my house, reorganizing closets, cooking/baking up a storm, christmas shopping, spoiling my husband, and playing with the kids non-stop! God is so good, I want to cry out from the rooftops of His mercy and love towards me. I feel like I've been given a new life. And I'm so thankful for it...all of it...even the dull things like chores. I used to grumble and hate doing housework...not that it's all the sudden my favorite thing to do...but I'm alive, and well, and I am able to do my chores. I couldn't say that a month ago, or two months ago...I barely had the energy to get dressed and have breakfast in the morning before I had to lay down for a nap. Now everyday is a gift as well as every non-sick and energetic moment! I give God thanks and praise with every breath I take throughout the day, for He saw me and saved me even though I was unworthy.

I will begin Radiation on Tuesday morning. I already got my tatoos this past week. It was kind of fun calling up Dorian and telling him I'd just gotten a bunch of Tatoos. We laughed at my "wild" side and joked that it was too bad they were just dots and not something cool. I'm not nervous or anxious about the radiation at all. I've been told that after going through Chemo radiation is a piece of cake. The side effects are suppose to be mild skin irritation (like a sunburn) for a few hours after each treatment and fatigue (but not as severe as Chemo). What better time for a sun tan then in November and December when it's turning cold! And who couldn't use an afternoon nap...right? Anyway, I'll being having radiation treatments everyday until the first or second week in January. Then we'll be scheduling surgery for an oopherectomy (ovaries removed)...I think we're shooting for mid-January or February. After that life will start getting back to normal until next fall when I will have my next surgeries.