"As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
Joshua 24: 15

Hope Rains - December 30th, 2008

The goodness of the Lord steals my breath away at times. Just when I feel like I’ve experienced his goodness fully he showers it down anew on me. This walk has been an interesting one. Starting off was scary, with all the unknowns and death lurking in the corner. But God has been so faithful. I’ve felt His love and presence tangibly every step of the way. His strength and peace have kept hope alive in my heart even on the hardest of days. Now He is pouring down on me a new blessing. His abundant provision of my every need! I have been chosen to be the Jeanette Holmes Memorial Foundation, Hope Rains 2009 grant recipient. I've added a link to the organization web site on the right side of my blog. If you get a chance, read about Jeanette and her story...but have a box of tissues on hand. I was in tears the first time I read her story a few months ago. Her love and faith in God inspire me. Dorian and I just finished meeting with her husband, who founded the organization, and I am in tears at the Lords kindness and mercy to me! Basically I have been chosen to be the one person that they focus on for the year. They will cover my medical expenses for the year! They will deal with my insurance company and doctor’s offices to make sure that my insurance is working the best that it can for us. Any disputes between doctors offices and the insurance company their lawyers will take care of. Any travel expenses we might have due to treatment they will cover. Their desire is to take the financial burden and stress off of us to that I can spend my energy on getting better and being a mom! I'm overwhelmed by God's complete provision of my every need. There is no one that compares to Him. To Him I give all praise!

Christmas Day 2008

After a nice breakfast with Grammy and family we headed home for a nice quiet Christmas Day with just our family. Since we were stuffed from breakfast we skipped lunch and naps to open presents.

Christlyn loves her new camera!
It's reading time! Everyone got new books from Great-Grandpa and Grandma Roberts! Now that everything is opened it's time to play. And boy did they have a fun filled day of play. Ethan got a new train set that has now doubled his exsisting set. It was a family affair building this large track in the living room.
Can you tell everyone is getting tired?
Maybe not Christlyn!
Wow, I can't help but thank God for his abundant blessings this Christmas. Life has changed so dramatically this past year, but the unfailing love of the Lord never ceases!

Christmas Eve 2008

Last night we celebrated Christmas "Helmle" style! Since Dad was still recovering from surgery and I wasn't up for hosting a big 'to do' at our place, we headed over to Daniel and Jennifer's house for the family festivities. As per our Helmle tradition homeade pizza was the menu for the evening! This year everyone made specialty pizzas instead of the same old pepperoni and sausage pizzas of years past. Some of the flavors I can remember are...Reuben, BBQ, Curry Chicken, Chicken Alfredo, Spinach Stuffed Pizza, and many dozens more that I can't remember.

The Kids enjoyed making their own little pizzas and of course eating them too...their plates were licked clean!

The kids were all ready and waiting to open the presents. Jadon even tried to pass himself off as one by getting into a box.
Finally it was time for the presents. Jadon loved ripping the paper and playing with all his new toys.
Ethan and Christlyn each made gifts for everyone in the family. They were so excited to give everyone their gifts that they insisted on doing that before they opened any presents themselves. Ethan made birdhouses for everyone and Christlyn made snowflake ornaments. You can tell how enthused Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Daniel are about their new birdhouse!!!
Here Grammy and Grandpa open their presents.
Jadon loves his new firetruck!

Ethan can't wait to rip into this gift!
Aunt Kathryn made the kids a book of their summer visits to Kansas. The kids have loved showing and reading it over and over to Mommy and Daddy. I guess we really missed out on some summer fun.

With all that driving time to and from Aunt Kathryn's house, Kathryn was able to make Christlyn a very stylish hat and scarf!
What fun we all had!