"As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
Joshua 24: 15
Sometimes it can feels like God is taking forever to accomplish things in my life. Like my hair that can't grow fast enough, God doesn't always do things according to my timing. I'm ready to be a perfectly patient mother TODAY! I'm ready to not struggle with self-doubt and insecurities. And I'm more than ready to be a better house keeper, more loving wife, and better friend. I struggle with the pressure of having everything figured out right NOW (if not yesterday). But I'm realizing this is just another journey, and little by little...sometimes so little I hardly notice...I'm becoming the woman God created me to be, with the faith, trust, and love for Him that he destined all mankind should have. It's like my hair...day to day it feels like it's not growing and that it will take forever to grow out. But when I put the pictures of the last seven months in a row I can see where I've been, how far I've come, and that eventually I WILL reach my goals.

Two New Family Members, May 6th 2009

Last night Grammy picked up Christlyn and Ethan and went on an adventure!!! They ended up at a farm on the far west side of Sapulpa where each got to pick out their very own baby bunny! Although they were suppose to be picking from the litter of gray bunnies when Ethan saw the white bunnies he was sold! His previous bunny "Not Nothing" was white with red eyes. The farmer was nice and went ahead and let Ethan get one of the younger white bunnies. When he held the little bunny for the first time he said "I'll name you 'Name Nothing'!" I put my foot down immediately and said "NO! We're going to have to find a real name for this bunny". So he started thinking.
Christlyn could hardly contain her excitment! There were so many little fluffy bunnies hopping around...choices, choices, choices!!! She settled on the fluffiest one she could find. She decided to name her 'Ashley Christine' because she's the color of ash and Christine is almost like Christlyn. Ethan finally decided on a 'real' name; Darling, which turned to Darlee, then because Christlyn's bunny had more than one name Darlee became Darlee Snowball Bunny Carlos (I may have left out a name or two, I'll have to ask him when he gets home from school if I did). We call her Darlee for short!
Ethan and Darlee hit it off right away. He held her most of the 30 minute car ride home from Sapulpa. And even pushed her around in the dolls stroller once we got home.
Jadon squealed with delight at the sight of the fluff balls Christlyn and Ethan were carrying. But once they were put on the ground and hopped toward him he got scared and came running to me for safety. The rest of the evening he was conflicted with his emotions of excitement and intrigue of the new pets but fear of letting them touch him...good thing we didn't bring home a dog!
Thank You Grammy for the new bunnies...lets just hope and pray the farmer was right and they are both female or our two bunnies could become 20!