"As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
Joshua 24: 15


Jadon's 1st Easter

Annual Egg Dying

You know the saying..."While the Cat is Away the Mouse will Play"...well for Jadon during the Egg dying it was..."While the family is busy and not watching me, I will play and get into everything" And that he did while we colored eggs to our hearts content...he wriggled his way in to the big kids' craft bin and went to town.

"Oh no, found out by Aunt Jennifer...why you gotta ruin my fun like that?"
Ethan is an old pro this year and thought he was beyond supervision. But his eyes were to big for our mess level...he was wanting to dye 10 different eggs at a time and had to be monitored closely to make sure he didn't dye all the eggs at once without giving anyone else a chance.

Christlyn's so proud of herself. And quite the pro at age 5 that she was able to dye eggs unsupervised and she was able to come up with some pretty unique colors and designs...anything her little mind could come up with she tried.

What Fun...Can't wait till 2009!!!

Our Wichita Trip

What could be more fun than visiting Aunt Kathryn??? Well, a couple dozen glow sticks all activated at once would be a great start...and then maybe a huge tent set up in the living room for the kids to 'camp' in overnight with said glow sticks!!! All this and more was a great start to our weekend in Wichita visiting Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Chris. Saturday morning despite the freezing temperatures and the harsh wind the kids got to go to an egg hunt sponsored by a Church Aunt Kathryn takes Bible study classes from. We started out with free pop and hot dogs while waiting for the hunt to start. With over 25,000 eggs the kids each got their fair share of eggs...Ethans official count was 55.
We didn't count Christlyn's but as you can see her basket was just as full as Ethan's.
Shortly after the actual egg hunt was over the clouds moved out, the sun began to shine, and the wind died down a bit making the kids' visit to the petting zoo even more enjoyable. They had just about everything at the petting zoo. Ducks, Chicks, Bunnies, Kittens, Puppies, a 4 day old lamb the kids got to hold, plenty of other sheep and goats, a calf, pony....etc, etc, etc....Christlyn looked so cute holding that puppy it almost makes me want to get her one.
Now this is the size of a horse that Ethan can handle...think we can talk Grandpa into something like this?

Quick Synopsis of the Month

Hey there Dr. Seuess...It's a Jadon Cat in a Hat...Christlyn spent the week reading and having school projects on some famous Dr. Seuess books this week at school and at the end of the week she brought home her very own Cat Hat...We all took turns wearing but agreed it was cutest on Jadon.
After stealing some lemons and limes from a certain citrus farm in west Tulsa Ethan helps me make fresh lemonade and limeade. He also helped drink most of it as well.
Award ceremony time for our church clubs. Christlyn earned and was awarded 4 new Daisy Badges but had a hard time standing still on stage...she thought it was her time to perform a dance number or two since she was up there for all to see...mommy was a little embarrased.
Ethan on the other hand was a perfect gentleman on stage accepting his awards and was even chosen to recite the rainbows pledge!
Off to Aunt Kathryn and Uncle Chris' in Wichita...What FUN!!!