"As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
Joshua 24: 15

Dorian and Jadon Slide - June 25, 2009

VBS Kids Slide - June 25, 2009

June 25, 2009

What a wonderful day to be alive. And what a perfect day to NOT have surgery! This evening was the VBS carnival at church. And I was suppose to have major surgery today...I'm so glad it was rescheduled so that I didn't have to miss all this fun. At last year's carnival there was a dark cloud over my head...I was two days into diagnosis and life was spinning out of control. This year however I/We had a BLAST! It was 102 degrees outside and miserable! So we turned to sno cones and water to make the weather bearable. We were all surprised when the fire department showed up with a fire truck. They hooked their truck up the the fire hydrant and sprayed water over the hill where we had a large slide set up.
Of course the mixture of sun and water made a large beautiful rainbow across the yard. Christlyn was even able to find the end of it...but no pot of gold (other than Christlyn herself).
Jadon needed a little help getting in the water. I was too hot to shy away from the water. So we went running through the spray!

Ethan spent most of his evening slipping and sliding down the hill on the slide. It was hard trying to catch him in a picture...but finally one turned out!
He also enjoyed running through the large puddle forming at the end of the slide.

Pastor James passed out grass hats to whoever wanted them. We grabbed a couple and posed for a quick picture before our sno cones melted (I think we were on sno cone number 3 or 4 at this point).
After a dinner of way too many hot dogs and nachos, Christlyn and I joined in on a parent/child water balloon toss game. We lasted 3 rounds before the balloon slipped out of Christlyn's hands a burst on the grass. I had long since dried off from playing in the water with Jadon and had hoped the water balloon would pop on me, but alas the grass got the water instead!
Jadon and I going through the misting tent, there was really more tent than mist but Jadon loved going through the tunnel! What a wonderful evening...now I'm just waiting for Dorian to get home from cleaning the bouncers up!

June 13th, 2009

Saturday night was Cancer Survivor Night at Drillers Stadium. I was so excited when the invitation arrived a few weeks ago that I was considered a 'survivor' and not a patient! Woo Hoo!!! I decided it would be a perfect date night for me and Ethan! So Daddy rushed home from doing Jupiter Jump rentals so Ethan and I could make the game on time. Before the actual game they had a huge dinner for us. I chowed down on hamburgers, baked beans, potato chips and cookies...while Ethan would barely eat anything. I finally convinced him to have one hot dog and a pepsi. It's an odd event all together when you find a mom coaxing a five year old to eat hot dogs, chips, pop, and cookies...and even odder when he's fighting her on it. He actually told me "I don't want to eat any sugar today mom!" when I tried to get him to eat a cookie.
After I had my fill of junk food we headed into the stadium. I told Ethan he could pick our seats. He of course went to the VERY top of the bleachers. The good part of the seats he picked was that ther weren't lots of other people crowded around us. Amazingly enough he found his appetite for junk food when the cotton candy vendor walked by!
We goofed off and joked around as we waited for the game to start. And I tried my best to explain the rules to baseball. Unfortunately he hasn't had much exposure to sports and kept calling it basketball. But once the game got underway he started understanding it a bit more.
He enjoyed the new experience...but his interest only lasted two innings. So off we went to find a new adventure. We ended up at the toy section of Wal-Mart looking at all the new Transformers! He now knows what he's saving his allowance for!