"As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
Joshua 24: 15

November 29, 2007

My Superhero's have a super day!!! Connor came over today and he and Ethan had a fun filled day of playing with trains, cars, and most of all playing superhero!!! They had fun running all over the house showing off their muscles, punching the air, and singing '...here I come to save the day...' And save the day they did...they saved mommy from many evils that threatened to ruin my day. They used their super strength to put away the super silverware while I was battling emptying the cunning and conniving dishwasher...they used their super energy to clean up their super huge mess of toys that cluttered the living room...they used their super smiles to cheer up Jadon when he started to fuss...and once the forces of evil that threatened the day had been defeated they recharged their super batteries with a healthy lunch and then off for a super nap. I have to say...the super nap was my favorite part!!!

November 26, 2007

Rub-a-dub-dub...it's Jadon in the tub. It's Jadon's first time sitting up like a big boy in the tub. After a fussy day today nothing helps cure the ills better than a nice warm sudsy bath. It worked like a charm and he settled right down and enjoyed splashing Mommy, Sissy, and Ethan. What a cute little angel he is...(when he's not crying that is)!!!

November 24,2007

Jennifer and Daniel invited the family over to spend the evening at their new house. We enjoyed lots of sweet treats and had fun talking and laughing with the whole family. Christlyn didn't want to be shown up by her baby brother so she had to show us all how she still could stand on Daddy's hand. She was a little nervous when daddy let go of her hand but she's knew Daddy wouldn't let her fall so she stood up straight and tall. She's bound to be a cheer leader!!! So Great Grandma and Grandpa here's another picture for that wall of fame!!!

To Nana from Christlyn

i luv you nanna and poppa

i hoop that you let us to go to the parrk

i wish that you hav a cats

i wish that you that you cud see us

luv christlyn

A Sad Farewell

The kids had a couple of tough life lessons this past week.
Last Saturday Ethan's bunny Not Nothing died. And then Wednesday morning Christlyn's bunny Petals died. After a long talk with daddy Christlyn and Ethan said farewell to their bunnies with a couple of funerals. Petals and Not Nothing are now buried side by side in the back yard under two wooden crosses that Daddy helped the kids hammer into place. They will be missed...not just by the kids but by Mommy and Daddy too. They were great pets!!!

November 20, 2007

Wow...it's been a busy day today. A Thanksgiving Feast for Christlyn at School. A play and work day outside for Daddy and Ethan. and now a Thankgiving Potluck at Church for the whole family!!! What a wonderful start to Thankgiving Week!!! There was plenty to eat at church tonight as we sampled a little of everything. Ethan's favorite was the rice krispy treat turkeys, while Christlyn loved the rolls and the pumpkin pie, Mommy's favorite was the gooey turtle brownies, Daddy's favorite was EVERYTHING...especially the dessert table. Even Jadon sampled a few bites of mashed potatoes but wasn't a huge fan...he'll stick with his milk.

November 20, 2007

Dorian had the day off today...and what a day to have off...our last warm day of the year!!! The temperature climbed to 78 degrees today making it a perfect day to be outside. Ethan and Dorian got in a game of baseball before they started off on the list of chores Mommy wanted done before the holiday weekend.
Off to work Ethan went blowing the grass clippings and leaves off the driveway. Dorian got the last mowing in of the year as tonight we're suppose to get our first freeze.
Here the guys are getting the Christmas lights put up before the cold weather comes!!! What a big helper Ethan is holding the ladder for Daddy.

November 20, 2007

Today at Christlyn's school all of the Kindergarten classes gathered together to share in a Thankgiving Feast!!! Half of the classes dressed as indians and the other half like pilgrims. Christlyn was lucky enough to be able to wear Mommy's old pilgrim costume from when she was a little girl and was the head pilgrim leading the other pilgrims into the feast. They snacked on turkey, carrots, corn, rolls, and pumpkin pie!!! Mommy even got to come and join in on the festivities making Christlyn all the happier. What a cute little pilgrim princess!!!

November 18, 2007

...just hanging around having some fun together!!!

November 16, 2007

Friday Night is Girls Night!!!

Christlyn has been needing some extra time with mommy recently so Friday night we pulled out the nail polish and had some quality time doing manicures and pedicures. We decided to to french manicures but to spice them up with some seasonal decor! So I got to test my artistic abilities and my fine motor skills by painting little snowmen, snow flakes, angels, and christmas trees on our fingernails with white polish. It actually turned out pretty cute in the end and Christlyn was the envy of all the girls in her class come Monday.

November 14, 2007

Poor little Ethan has been very bored with Mommy recently. With Christlyn in school, Connor at home with his mom who's on maternity leave, Ethan is left with no one to play with and nothing to do. He's been following me around the house like a little puppy asking me to play with his trains with him or to ride bikes with him. Today he wanted to be a big boy and do 'Homework' like sissy. So I pulled out our tub of workbooks and craft supplies and we had a little preschool lesson on counting.

He's a pro at counting up to around 14...but writing the numbers was a challenge for him. But a challenge was just what he needed today to take his mind off of being bored. That and of course housework!!! That will teach him not to complain about being bored to Mommy...she'll just make you do chores!!! No, he was actually begging to help and thought he was quite the big boy for scrubbing the toilet and washing the mirror.

Luckily Grammy saved him from a day of slave labor around the house when she called and asked to take him out with her while she ran errands!!! Thanks a lot Mom...now I have to do all the housework myself!!!

November 12, 2007

Today I trudged up into the attic and pulled down the high chair for our 'not so little anymore' baby boy. It's hard to believe he's 5 1/2 months old already and ready to join the rest of the family at the dinnertable. He may look out of place in the big old high chair but he loved being a big boy and getting to sit up and sit around the table for dinner. And since one new thing deserves another we gave him his very first Gram Cracker to munch on. It proved to be a little difficult for him to hold onto...but once he got a taste of that sweet cracker there was no going back to rice cereal for this big boy!!!

For Grandpa and Grandma Helmle's Wall of Fame

Well Grandpa and Grandma have been asking me for a picture of Jadon standing like this to add to their wall of fame where most of their grandkids and all of their great-grandkids are standing like this. Fortunately Jadon loves standing like this and usually laughs and giggles the whole time! So here you go Grandpa and Grandma...Enjoy!!!

Fun With Paints

With daddy working late at the store and the weather being too chilly to play outside, the kids and I decided to pull out the paints for an evening of fun. With a little imagination, a lot of paint, and even more patience on my part we had a blast!!!

Ethan's hands became a hungry crocodile and a noisy parrot!!!

Christlyn's became two sisters which throughout the night had different weird names...Kaviticus, Sheerna, Seerut, and Prisa. I think I'm going to have odd named grandchildren!!!

And even I got in the spirit when Christlyn offered to paint a girl on my hand...didn't she do a great job...a little too into 80's fashion but still great for a 5 year old!!!

And then I did the Elephant on the other.

After all our people and animals were painted Christlyn decided we needed to paint backgrounds so we could have a puppet show. So off they went painting a world of houses, hills, and lakes for their people and animals to live in.

Needless to say their imaginations had quite the work out as they stayed up playing in their painted play world late into the night!!!

Hallelujah Night 2007

We all got dressed up for Hallelujah Night (Our Halloween Alternative) and before the church carnival we delivered homeade chocolate chip cookies that Ethan and Mommy made.

Grammy let us sample some of the treats and they were yummy!!! Then Christlyn went from office to office at the church sharing the cookies with the church staff and pastors before heading to Grandpa's.

Grandpa loved the cookies and even had a little bag of treats for the kids...YAY!!! After a quick call to Nana we headed to the Church for Pizza and Games and of course more candy!!!

Aunt Jennifer met us at the church to pick up her tray of cookies and give everyone hugs.

Even daddy dressed up!!! And we all had fun playing games, jumping on the jupiter jumps, and eating lots and lots of candy!!!

Pumpkin Patch

Over fall break we headed down to Bixby for our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch. It was a beautiful day and the kids had lots of fun climbing on pumpkins, going through the hay maze, and petting the farm animals.

Ethan didn't want to stop long enough for me to take a picture...but finally with a little help from a stranger who called his name for me we got him to look at the camera...sorry no smile this year.

Christlyn knows how to take a picture!!!

And she's happy to teach Jadon how it's done.

He's not quite sure about it though!!!

Wedding Day