"As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
Joshua 24: 15

January 27th, 2008

With last years ice storm still fresh in our memories most Tulsans braced for the worst yesterday and today. But thankfully the freezing rain turned to sleet and spared the trees and powerlines from becoming popsicles once again. The sleet however did make the streets slick enough for school to be cancelled. The kids were thrilled to have a day off and mommy was happy to have helpers around the house for chores. Once the bathrooms and bedrooms were cleaned, the living room vacuumed, the kitchen mopped, and most of the laundry folded (I had energy today) the kids donned layers of clothes and coats and headed outside to play 'Penguin'. Christlyn has been studying about penquins at school for the last few weeks and it's they're favorite game to play at home...they were thrilled to get to play it with actual snow. Although Christlyn was a little dissapointed the driveway wasn't slick enough to slide down on her belly like a real pengiun, she quickly found other things to do in the winter wonderland. Jadon has long since mastered the word "hot" but when he walked out into the yard and touched the snow/sleet on the ground he was thrilled and speechless. I kept telling him "Cold" to see if he could pick up on the new word but he was too busy trying to keep up with Christlyn and Ethan. After a nice warm dinner Ethan and Christlyn made a cake (with only minimal supervision from mommy) and had fun eating the leftover batter off the beaters and the bowl while the cake baked in the oven. Speaking of which the timer has just rung for it to be done...so off I must go to eat some of their yummy cake!