"As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
Joshua 24: 15

Miss "P"

Meet Miss "P". After a full year in Kidergarten studying all the letters of the alphabet...Christlyn and her classmates got to choose a 'letter people' character from their curriculum and dress up like them for a parade. Christlyn chose Miss "P" and we worked hard together to come up with this costume where she is covered in PATCHES. We glued patches all over her shirt, pinned some on her shorts, made a patch bow, and even tied rags on her flip flops to complete the outfit. She was the cutest Miss "P" in the world.

Letter People Parade

Picnic and Grammy's

Tuesday Evening we headed over to Grammy's for a backyard picnic. We all chowed down on hamburgers and hotdogs and strawberry shortcake...YUMMM!!! Christlyn and Ethan got their own little table. While Jadon ate everything in site at the grown ups table.