"As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
Joshua 24: 15

June 24th, 2008

In the midst of all that's going on around the Berglind House right now there are still so many joys and causes for celebration. Jadon cut his first tooth today!!! And like his Mommy it was well after his first birthday and it was a top tooth (the bottom usually cut first). Despite the discomfort of teething he is an angel and one of my greatest pick me ups right now.

Michelle Turns 29...the World Turns Upside Down

On Sunday June 22 I celebrated my 29th Birthday. I had a wonderful family birthday party at moms house after church where I ate way to much yummy food and even more chocolate cake. Then Dorian wisked me off for an afternoon of shopping, followed by an evening on the town. The picture above shows me in my new dress with the kids just before leaving for Phantom of the Opera. It was an amazing performance that left us singing it's songs all the way home. After a late night dinner at the only restaurant still open at 10:55 on a Sunday evening (Cheddars) we headed home...and I couldn't help but wonder what this last year of my 20's would hold. The next morning around 8:15 that question was answered for me when I received a phone call from my doctor. I stood there shocked and stunned listening to him telling me that I had cancer. The week before I'd had outpatient surgery to remove 3 harmless benign fibro adenomas from my breast...I never even imagined (and neither did my doctor) that all three could and would be malignant tumors. I am in the process of many additional tests and once all the tests are in we will meet back with the Doctor to formulate a game plan. My hope is in Christ alone and I am drawing my strength from Him. Months ago He began speaking to my heart that nothing can happen to me outside of His will. I am clinging to that now and trusting in Him that His will is perfect. My greatest hope is that He will be glorified in this and that I can bring fame to His Name.

June 1st, 2008

Jadon gets a Big Boy car seat! No more of that rear facing, baby carrier car seat for my little guy. Today Jadon got to move up to his big boy car seat which faces forward and is elevated so that he can see out of the window. Although he no longer gets to look back and spy on Christlyn and Ethan in the rear of the van he seems thrilled to get to look out the windows and see the world as we drive by. Just wait until we turn the TV on Jadon...you'll be in for a real treat now that you can actually watch it!

Jadon's 1st Birthday - May 30th

Happy Birthday Jadon!!! Well, for Jadon's 1st Birthday we found ourselves with Bouncer rentals in Talequah for our church's kids camp. And since Dorian didn't want to miss Jadon's birthday we all packed into Uncle Daniel's truck and made the drive to camp. We had plans to set up the Bouncer Units and then go out to eat, play in the creek, and float down the river while the church was using the Bouncers. Well, let's just say there were a few bumps in the road and we didn't get to do all we had planned...BUT we did get to play in the creek before everything started going down hill.
Cold as it was Jadon loved walking through the water and splashing it with his feet.

Here he kept tyring to drink the water. I saw many little crawdads flowing down that waterfall, what a surprise that would have been if he'd tried to take a drink but got one of those in his mouth instead. The rest of the evening was not photographed but despite flat tires, missing jacks, fever, diarrhea, blown fuses, tire patches that wouldn't hold and not getting home until 2:00am we had a fun evening and definitely a memorable one!!!

May 17th, 2008

As the temperatures began to climb we decided it was time to pull out the old kiddy pool for some summer fun! Jadon was excited to be a part of the big kids' play even though the water was a little chilly.

But after a few minutes he realized that he couldn't hold his own with his brother and sister. Especially when the only game they wanted to play was baby bath time in which they pretend Jadon is in the bath tub and they continuously poured water over his head.

Christlyn's Mothers Day Concert at School