"As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
Joshua 24: 15




We actually got a little snow today!!! I was beginning to wonder if we were going to get any at all this winter. The weather forcasters said 4-8 inches...but it's been snowing off and on all day and I don't think there is even an inch on the ground. But that didn't stop Christlyn from having the time of her life. The first few snowflakes began to fall when I dropped her off for school, when I picked her up she came leaping out the door dancing in the falling snowflakes and kicking through puddles of water and half melted snow slush. After 5 mintues of playing in the school yard I convinced her to get in the van and come home...where we headed into the backyard to make a snowman and have a snowball fight. Too bad the boys were napping...more pictures to come once they wake up...

Ice Storm Clean Up

The Ice Storm Debris Trucks came through our neighborhood yesterday. They started in the area on Saturday and I had to quickly move all the branches to the front yard (without Dorian's help...he was working) because I wasn't sure how long it would take them to get to us and I didn't want to miss out on the free removal!!! It took me a good hour of heavy lifting and carrying and dragging the branches to the front but in the end I managed to get all but one very large branch to the front yard. I wasn't brave enough to try Dorian's chain saw out...lol. Then on Monday around lunch time a little bobcat tractor came and began combining all the piles on our street onto our next door neighbors lawn. Ethan was so excited to get to watch the tractor and asked if we could buy Daddy one for his birthday. I said NO of course...but later on the phone with Daddy he began to beg for one for himself!!! Then after school the large trucks came by and picked up the piles the bobcat had made. I let Christlyn and Ethan sit in the front yard and watch for half an hour while they worked. Ethan as you can tell by the pictures was spellbound.

Jadon and Daddy

Trial Video of Jadon

Ice Storm Damage

Here's Ethan playing on the branches that fell from our trees during the ice storm last month. I wanted to give everyone an idea of how many branches fell. These were just from 2 trees that are in our back yard, and our part of town wasn't hit that hard by the ice. Most people in town have piles twice this size in their front yards waiting for FEMA to come pick it up. I guess we need to haul ours to the front also...!!! Ethan won't like losing his playground!!!

January 11, 2007

Jadon's had a few major milestones over the last week. He finally started crawling, after toying around with the notion for the last month, and is now all over the house and into everything. And while Christlyn and Ethan were at first very excited at his new found ability, Ethan is starting to get annoyed. Jadon no longer sits on his blanket and watches Ethan building the Trans-Livingroom Railway but crawls over and has to have a taste or two to make sure Ethan is using the best building materials available (maybe I need to double check that recall list). But Jadon is determined to keep up with his older siblings and not to be held down. In addition to his crawling he's started pulling up on anything he can get his hands on. I truly think he'd much rather have skipped over the whole crawling thing and gone straight to walking but he just couldn't get his legs to cooperate. Now though, they're getting much stronger, and I'm sure with a little more practice he will be walking along the furniture in no time.

You can see it...But you still won't believe it!!!

Was that a pig that just flew past my head or did I really catch Dad playing a game???? Well, leave it to a grandchild to melt dads resolve to not play games. Ethan was able to coax grandpa into playing 'Don't Break the Ice' on Christmas morning, but me grabbing my camera and documenting the act scared him off from playing 'Cooties' as well. Sorry Ethan but I had to have the photographic proof because you're aunts will never believe it when I tell them.

Merry Christmas 2007

December 2007

Well, First of all Merry Christmas (a bit late) to everyone. We haven't been able to blog for over a month so it's time for a little catch up!!! December finally brought some colder weather to Tulsa and with it an Ice Storm that knocked out most of the town's power. We were lucky and only lost power for about 24hrs while most of our friends and family were without power most of the week. Mom camped out on our couch and Daniel and Jennifer spent a lot of time at our house trying to stay warm. The kids of course loved having a live in Grammy and their Aunt and Uncle around. The rest of the month was filled with lots of fun and games.

Dorian and I hosted the Mays 2nd Annual Christmas Party at our house again this year. Jadon was the star of the party in his Santa suit. And the Christlyn and Ethan had fun participating in the dirty santa gift exchange. As much as I tried to convince Christlyn to 'steal' the fingernail polish one of Dorian's coworkers had opened she knew stealing was wrong and opened one of her own. We got a few flakes of snow here and there during the month but nothing too significant. Just enough for the kids to run around in until their noses got too cold. Christmas was wonderful this year. With lots of time to spend with family and LOTS of good food. We're truly blessed beyond measure.