"As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
Joshua 24: 15

Jadon's 1st Step

So...while I was trying to get pictures of Jadon standing he surprised me even further by taking his first step!!! Sorry it's sideways...i was a little to excited to pay attention to the camera


Okay, so it's been a crazy day around the Berglind House!!! Jadon surprised me by standing in the middle of the room for close to a minute. I was shocked and started screaming and Ethan and Connor to come and see. They were so excited as well and wanted Jadon to do it again and again. I ran and grabbed my camera but couldn't get too great of a shot as everyones excitement was too much for Jadon and he kept wanting to drop down and crawl to all of us who were cheering and praising his efforts. But here are a few blurry pictures that will give you an idea.


Ethan and Jadon had fun playing outside yesterday. Jadon's new found favorite pass time is the slide. He loves crawling up it as much as sliding down it, although Ethan always feels the need to slide down with him.

Baby Blues

He'll be 11 Months old tomorrow and still has sparking baby blue eyes and a toothless grin. It doesn't get much cuter than this.

To Nana From Christlyn

i luve you bcause you luve me. popa and nana. christlyn and mom ethan berglinds.
i had scool today. b cuz today is winzday. i luve you.

The Last Few Weeks

Ethan is helping Mommy out by feeding Jadon the rest of his bottle...what a big helper and a loving big brother!!!
Jadon loves getting into big brothers things...especially his trains...he loves the way they taste...yummy...lead paint from China!!!

Ethan building one of his Lincoln Log Masterpieces!!!
Ethan and Christlyn playing trains...looks like Jadon is on his way to join them!!!
"Hey...has anyone seen Ethan"
I can't find him anywhere???
Silly Boy!!!

Play time with Daddy
What a sweet pair of Brothers
Watch out Thomas...here comes Jadon

Dorian's Birthday (and Daniels too)

Uh-Oh...call Child Protective Services...someone isn't happy about getting one year older...LOL. Or maybe she was trying to steal one of Daddy's presents??? Ethan has to get into the picture with the Birthday boys and he's not about to let that cake out of his sight...Daddy and Uncle Daniel might not save him a piece if he's not careful!
Daddy with the kids on his actual birthday

The Birthday Boys opening their presents and cards at their joint Birthday Party!