"As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD."
Joshua 24: 15

March 14th, 2011

It's Spring Break here in T-Town and since the weather didn't get the memo that we wanted warm and sunny weather we decided to designate today as "Craft Day". I grabbed the bins of craft supplies while the kids gathered old socks, and we set to work making a troop of sock puppets.

Ethan started out making a Karate Kung Fu Master while Christlyn went to work on making an ORU Cheerleader. Jadon wanted in on the action and found on old green sock that was perfect for a crocodile...with a little help from Mama "Crocky" was born and spent the rest of the day giggling and playing with Jadon. By the end of the day we had one ORU Cheerleader, one Waiter in a Tuxedo, two Dinosaurs, one Kung Fu Master, two Zebras, one Alien, one Puppy, two crazy people, and of course one "Crocky". Not to mention a very messy house. All the kids pitched in and helped clean up the mess and get the house back in order before Daddy came home from work...their reward...Incredible Pizza!!!

Poppy Paparazzi...Photographer Extraordinaire!

(she will be going with me to RFKC)

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